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It Takes A Village Africa cooperative farming in Liberia is using a ground breaking model that combines farming tools and resources needed with tailor-made business support. Acting as partners in the Liberian community, It Takes A Village Africa focuses on what is really important: stability and growth of agriculture businesses.

The years of war devastated Liberia's human and institutional capacity, demolished the country's physical infrastructure, and fundamentally damaged productive agriculture. Liberia’s agriculture productivity is very low and post-harvest losses are exceptionally high, reaching up to 45 percent in some areas. Depending on source and definition, between 64 and 95 percent of the population live in poverty. Food insecurity is widespread, with children especially vulnerable to this difficult circumstance. Our woman empowerment programs bring in experts and local business owners to teach the chosen topic of trade.

We have partnered with local organizations that give us a network of farmers and local residents to establish a self-sustaining farms, greenhouse, poultry farm as a source of revenue for the organization. We currently have 500 acres for this Project. Our production includes palm, rubber, pepper, avocados, organic herbs, coconut, and black beans.