We want young woman and girls to utilize their full potential without hindrance and have access to put their brains to work thereby increasing their capability to function in today’s world and be more marketable

We are providing a technology innovation hub center where young people in communities can come together, share ideas, build projects from scratch and start new companies.

We are training girls and woman the basics to advanced programming for free enabling them to build a portfolio by the end of the training course.

We are working hard to close the gender gap in technology by encouraging more girls and woman to learn how to read and write using computer technology


Benefits of education

Quality of Life

Educated people can be more easily trained that illiterate and generally have higher socioeconomic status, thus they enjoy better heath and prospects

Economic Impact

Education can increase job opportunities and access to higher education. It gives economic gains for the individuals, as well as the economy and the country.

Lower Mortality Rate

Within developing countries, literacy rate has implication for child mortality: in these contexts, children of literate mothers are 50% more likely to live past age 5 than children of illiterate mothers

Liberia has about two million young people but only less than half are in school.


We asked if Liberia wanted STEAM and we got an overwhelming response! The parents of 2100 students signed up in TWO DAYS!