Why you should invest in Africa ?

Africa is already the world’s second most populous continent with more than 1 billion people.


Africa is Beautiful! A place filled with Beautiful People!

Investment in children is Africa’s best hope to set the right pre-conditions for this potentially massive and a demographic dividend. Investing in early childhood development and S.T.E.A.M education will be paramount. Science underscores the critical importance of a child’s earliest years to better health, educational attainment, and productivity in adulthood.

Basic health care is vital to ward against infectious diseases in early childhood and ensure survival. The youngest children typically make 700 neural connections per second, and require stimulus and nurturing. Adequate nutrition, therefore, is essential.

The continent’s children will also require a firm foundation of quality learning that results in educational attainment that is both relevant to their lives, and equips them with the skills needed.

Protection from violence, conflict, abuse, and exploitation are imperative if children are to reach their full potential. The inclusion of marginalized and disadvantaged elements in essential services, and protection through equity-focused programs and policies will expand Africa’s potential to grow, save and invest. As well, fostering Africa’s children’s knowledge of human rights and sense of citizenship will help reduce the risk of future conflict, strife and discrimination.

Particular attention must be given to investing in and empowering Africa’s girls and young women. This is required to slow adolescent fertility rates, manage the demographic transition, and build a truly inclusive Africa. Prioritizing girls education, expanding access to culturally sensitive reproductive health services, and addressing the cultural, social, and economic barriers that perpetuate the embargo of women are imperative for Africa to reap the full rewards of prosperity that a demographic dividend can provide.

Even with these investments, important challenges will remain. Many of Africa’s 54 countries are marked by fragile and conflict-affected contexts, extreme poverty, and widespread inequity. Priority attention must be given to resolving these issues even as the continent grows apace. Resource-rich countries face the challenge of adopting policies to ensure that the poor and disadvantaged also benefit from extractive-led growth.

A new discourse is emerging on how to take advantage of Africa’s opportunities and tackle its challenges. The recent US-Africa leaders summit, and previous summits between Africa, China, Japan, and the EU, to name but three, underscore that Africa is being increasingly viewed as an emerging power on the global stage. Investing in its children, and placing them at the heart of its development agenda is Africa’s best opportunity to consolidate the social and economic gains of recent years, and maximize its demographic dividend in the 21st century.


Why you should invest in GIRLS IN S.T.E.A.M ?


Easy Answer:

"Because Girls Grow Up"


She can be your future doctor.. She can be future lawyer.. She can build your future house.

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